When you separate a major concern is often how you are going to manage financially.

What will happen to any property? Where will you live? How will you each manage?  What about our pensions? Before you can decide how to share what you have you will need to clarify with each other all your assets and liabilities.  You will be required to make full and frank disclosure and you will be asked to complete forms and bring evidence giving details of your finances.  Using this information the mediator will assist you to look at all the available options, see how workable they would be for each of you and for any children.  By working together to address your concerns the mediator will assist you to come to a solution that you both feel is workable.

Once you have reached a joint decision the mediator will write this up, usually in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding.  This lays out the proposals you wish to make.  If appropriate you can then ask your solicitor to record these in  a document that can  be put to the Court in order to make your decisions legally binding.

In brief mediation offers the opportunity to

  • Look at your aims and objectives going forward
  • Address any interim financial arrangements
  • Work together to gather your financial  information so that the process is transparent
  • Work at a pace to suit both of you
  • Make sure you have all the information you need so you can make informed decisions
  • Explore options with you and test how workable they are for each of you
  • Write up your agreed proposals in a formal document